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Monday, January 28, 2013

To a Minor Goddess

The South Atlantic, Uruguay. Photo by Catherine Chandler, January 2013

To a Minor Goddess

Wave on wave all heaving and arch and spillage;
blue and green and grey overlaid with silver.
Christmas Day — my saviour the South Atlantic.
            Triumph. Surrender.
All my gods have failed me, yet Achelois,
you have watched me wavering in the billows;
you have heard me weeping the wail of seagulls,
            and you have answered:

Do not look for eyes in the dancing diamonds;
do not long for lullabies in the breakers;
do not lend  more tears to the salt of oceans’
             flotsam and jetsam.

Listen for the crash. See the string of seafoam
lace that hems the sand with a hush and whisper.
Silence. Nothing. Everything. Constellations.
            Guardian angels.        

"To a Minor Goddess" by Catherine Chandler. First published in Angle Poetry Journal, Issue 1, 2012


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