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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 14, National Poetry Month: National Pecan Day

Today (believe it or not) is National Pecan Day.  Though not specifically about pecans ;-), here is a little ditty by Roald Dahl, actually a parody of the nursery rhyme, "I Had a Little Nut Tree".

A Little Nut-Tree

I had a little nut-tree,
Nothing would it bear.
I searched in all its branches,
But not a nut was there.

"Oh, little tree," I begged,
"Give me just a few."
The little tree looked down at me
And whispered, "Nuts to you."

A rather interesting and extensive close reading and interpretation of the nursery rhyme, The Little Nut Tree, can be found  HERE .

This post will be followed up by a poem on June 3, National Egg Day.  Just yolking, of course.

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