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Monday, December 28, 2015

Cuenta atrás 0: Catherine Chandler

Capilla (chapel) on the grounds of Los Pueblitos, Argentina. Photo by Catherine Chandler

Today we leave for Uruguay and Argentina. Over the last ten days I've posted poems by ten Uruguayan women poets. Today I wish to post this poem dedicated to my longtime friend, Nelly, whom we will see during our travels. ¡Hasta pronto, mi amiga!

Prayer on the Pampas

Los Pueblitos. A million miles from Buenos Aires. Slivers of gold shimmer through the tall wooden shutters onto the bed sheet.

we are the dust motes
riding on the morning light—
wayward iotas

A stone fish arcs at each cardinal point on the hundred-year-old fountain. The sundial’s shadow is past noon. Torpor.

cool water plashes
we sit and sip tereré—
a stonefly flits by

Behind the soya fields and cow pastures, the evening sky bleeds orange into purple. Jasmine and eucalyptus fuse.

looking to the west
she whispers a secret wish—
a green granada

Ñacurutú begins his elegy. Wind chimes plink. The swirl of the Earth palpable. Stars spill, Polaris swallowed by latitudes.

she guides me to Crux—
we’ll pilgrimage to Luján
when the sun rises

-- by Catherine Chandler, first published in Passages (Greenwood Centre for Living History, 2010)

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