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Thursday, October 20, 2016

75,000 and counting!

Since I started my poetry blog in November 2010, there have been more than 75,000 visits to the pages and posts.

Thank you!

To celebrate this milestone, below is my Fibonacci sonnet, "To the Iron Goddess of Mercy"*

To the Iron Goddess of Mercy

roes on
the table
its wavelets bending
falling crest over trough into
the imaginary axis of reality

as I take my Krazy Glued teacup out of hiding
may the kettle whistle softly
may the day stay calm
may comets
swirl in

* - Ti Kuan Yin, Guanyin, or Iron Goddess of Mercy, is one of the most prized oolong teas. This poem is a Fibonacci sonnet with ostensible mathematical references to the Argand Diagram and Huygens's Principle of Diffraction.

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