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Thursday, August 17, 2017


Crux, aka The Southern Cross, not visible in the Northern hemisphere

Some good news today. Four of my poems, "Nines", "Interim", "Ending", and "My Father's Shirts" have been accepted for publication.

The two journals are Alabama Literary Review and Off the Coast.

A rare event, since "Nines" is a free verse incantation/list poem.

All 14 lines in "Ending" end in the same consonant/vowel combination but also have a newly-invented (by me!) rhyme scheme:  abcdabcd efggfe.

What can I say about "Interim" except that I consider it a 15-line sonnet in tetrameter, about a relationship that's beginning to fall apart.

As for "My Father's Shirts", it's a Stefanile sonnet (not many of these around!). My favorite of the four.

Thank you, Bill Thompson and AE Talbot!

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