The Wonderful Boat -- named for the sonnet
"La barca milagrosa" by Uruguayan poet Delmira Agustini.
(my English translation under "Pages" below)

Image: Sunset Fires (Winslow Homer, 1880)

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Thumbs up for my cento/sestina or sestina/cento, "The Bard"

My poem appears in Theresa M. Welford's anthology, The Cento: A Collection of Collage Poems (Red Hen Press, 2011).

From the reviewer (Oona, On Contemporary Poetry & Poetics):

This anthology gives the impression, too, that the cento is a form surprisingly open to mixture with other more rigid forms like villanelles, sestinas, sonnets, & pantoums, all of which make appearances here. Catherine Chandler-Oliveira's "The Bard," for example, is a sestina entirely composed of lines from Shakespeare ending in "away," "right," "to," "day," "night," & "true." One of the most straightforward remixes in the collection, this poem uses the relative consistency of Shakespeare's meter to advantage.