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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sign on the dotted line . . .

I've just signed my book contract with Able Muse Press. "Lines of Flight" has finally taken wing! I would like to thank several poets who didn't ignore me -- and actually gave me encouraging written feedback -- when I sent them some sample poems in 2003: Richard Wilbur, Rhina P. Espaillat and Timothy Steele.

Also at that time, Rhina steered me in the direction of the Eratosphere, an online poetry workshop, where I timidly posted the poem "Under Olive Branches" (since then revised and renamed "Ruins"). I then received another note of encouragement from the wonderful formal poet A.E. Stallings, who wrote that my poem was "Deep End" material.

Since then, I've made many online poet friends and even met some of them in person.

A great big THANK YOU and cyber hug to all of you who have supported me in my poetic efforts! I'll keep you all posted on how things are proceeding with the book.

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