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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


While I was away in West Chester (from June 7 to 12th) I entered my thoughts and impressions on the Eratosphere blogs here:

I imagine many of you have read them already.

Suffice it to say, the conference was a wonderful experience. I met many of my "virtual" poetry friends for the first time, made many more, and reconnected with others I had already met in the past.
Kim Bridgford and her team did an outstanding job with the organization of such a large conference. Everything went well, from start to finish.

I have thanked Kim in person for inviting me to the First Books Panel (which went very well!) and Mr. Kean Spencer, whose gift, made in honor of his mother, Iris N. Spencer, made my full scholarship possible. What a kind and generous man. I told him I would never forget him. And I won't.

I am suffering from tendonitis in my right hand at the moment, and could barely manage my carry-on luggage, so I didn't take my camera. I hope other participants will post photos on Eratosphere.

Though I enjoyed every aspect of the conference, highlights for me were meeting Alex Pepple for the first time, my first books panel reading, my master class and private meeting with A.E. Stallings, the Robert Pinsky keynote reading, the Richard Wilbur birthday panel/reading and celebration, and the many informal get-togethers with fellow poets.

I was touched by the reaction of the audience to my reading of my Nemerov-winning sonnet, "Coming to Terms", and by so many of their comments afterwards.

I'm already looking forward to returning next year, and hope many of you will, too.

Love & Peace,

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