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Monday, November 18, 2013

Three Years, Thirty Thousand Visits to "The Wonderful Boat"!

Image by Australian poet, artist and musician, Janet Kenny, who designed it for the cover of my first chapbook, "For No Good Reason" (The Olive Press, 2008)

Celebrating three years of poetry blogging on The Wonderful Boat, launched in November 2010.

Below is a Fibonacci sonnet I wrote this year. The nickname, "Iron Goddess of Merci" belongs to a famous Chinese oolong tea. More HERE.  There is no typo in line 6 ;-) .

To the Iron Goddess of Mercy

ters on
the table
its wavelets almost
failing head over heels into
the imaginary axis of the outbetween

as I take my KrazyGlued teacup out of hiding
may the kettle whistle softly
may the day stay calm
may comets
swirl in


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