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Friday, February 13, 2015

María Eugenia Vaz Ferreira

Street in Punta del Este, Uruguay, named after my favorite Uruguayan poet. Photo by Hugo Oliveira. February 2015

Today I discovered a street named after my favorite Uruguayan poet, María Eugenia Vaz Ferreira.

Below is my English translation of one of her sonnets, La estrella misteriosa, which deals with her poetic vocation. A close reading of the poem is HERE in my published paper on this wonderful poet, who paved the way for others such as Delmira Agustini and Juana de Ibarbourou.

The Mysterious Star

I know not where it is, but it beckons me,
oh mysterious star of changeless destiny! . . .
Its hidden blaze and secret, unseen flame
in holy silent echo calls my name.
And if at times I leave the beaten track,
with an unknown force it always pulls me back:
chimera, phoenix, oriflamme and glory,
or love, beyond reach, strange and transitory . . .
I walk forever down an empty street
behind the fatal star that guides my feet
but never, never, never shows its light!
And yet its light calls out, its silence charms;
it summons me, while in the dark, my arms
in blind, despairing hope drag through the night.

(translated by Catherine Chandler)

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