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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

REVIEW: Canadian Literature: "Something new and beautiful"

Philip Miletic's review of Glad and Sorry Seasons appeared in Canadian Literature some time ago. I only learned of it today.

I love this part: Yet, the strength of Chandler’s return to these forms is more than homage, it is revision, revising the patriarchal discourse and “ownership” of older poetic forms and highlighting the constraints and criticisms of women poets who are consistently left out of the “canon”.

Finally, someone who "got" my poem, "Beach Dogs"!

You can read it HERE in its entirety.

Blurb HERE.

He concludes his review of the three books as follows:

Each of the poets looks towards old forms, whether these forms be language itself, poetic forms, or the forms of work. They see in the old a reflection, and, as Winger writes, “the reflection there / might tell me something new.” The old hat, the old cliché, the old form carries the potential to reflect on the present, and through that process of reflection something new and beautiful is created.

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