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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Online Literary Journal


I have two poems in the "Featured Poets" section, "Superbia: Ontario, 1859" (from my sonnet series, "Seven Deadly Sonnets") and "The Measure of Their Days".

I hope you'll stop by and read all about a fearless tightrope walker and the sing-song of my mother's wringer washer.

Blondin, Niagara Falls, 1859

Let me know if you think the deadly sin in the first poem is PRIDE or ENVY, or a little bit of both, and whether the wringer washer sang in iambs or trochees ;-)  .

Many thanks to Editor Christine Davet and her editorial team, and to Alicia Stallings, for her comments and suggestions on the latter poem during our one-on-one consultation at West Chester last year.


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