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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

" . . . slant or straight and narrow — "

Two months to Christmas Eve! Hundreds of geese are now landing on the local sandpit pond here in Saint-Lazare, Quebec, stopping by on their way to warmer climes. Starlings have formed and gone weeks ago. Hopefully, I'll be following my feathered friends eleven weeks from now.

My poem, "Delineations", was first published in Able Muse Journal (Winter 2010) and is included in my collection, Lines of Flight.


Wild geese flee the coming cold and ice,
 sketching the sky with epic Vs;
no roundabout for these –
their route precise.

Starlings in formation never jostle –
            aggregates of living art,
                        together yet apart
                                    in graceful rustle.

Patterns of exuberant design,
            cadenza, cadence, wavelength, arrow,
                        slant or straight and narrow –
                                    theirs, mine.



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