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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Some Publication News

In addition to my double sonnet, "Into the Lives of Other Folk", recently published at North of Oxford, and two poems (including a Miltonic sonnet) in Mezzo Cammin, I'm happy to share the following:

  • Rhina P. Espaillat's review of my Richard Wilbur Award-winning collection, The Frangible Hour, will be published in an upcoming issue of the Alabama Literary Review. Thank you, Bill Thompson! 
  • James Matthew Wilson's review of The Frangible Hour will appear in an upcoming issue of The Weekly Standard as well as in an essay in Catholic World Report, which is where he is publishing his essays on Catholic poets -- all of which will eventually be gathered into a very large book (perhaps two volumes) within the next five years. Thank you, James!
  • Two more reviews of The Frangible Hour, one published in Presence, the other in Think, are now on my blog pages on the left side of the home page.
  • Light Poetry Magazine has accepted my leona rima (9 lines of iambic tetrameter
    a, a, b, b, c, c, c, b, a ), "There are always more fish in the sea . . ." for an upcoming issue. Thank you, Melissa and team!
  • Think (Western Colorado State University) will be publishing my villanelle, "Multiverse", in their spring/summer 2017 issue on the theme of poetry and philosophy. Thank you, Susan Spear!
  • The Rotary Dial has accepted my sonnet, "Summer of 1970" for a future issue. Thank you, Alexandra and Pino!
  • Measure has accepted several poems for upcoming editions, "Anthracite" and "We" (a sonnenizio). Thank you, Rob and Paul!
  •  I've just signed the official papers for the inclusion of my poem, "Edward Hopper's Automat" in an anthology to be published in Canada. Thank you, Susie!
  • I have written a lengthy review of Timothy Murphy's Hunter's Log, Volume Two and Volume Three. Once the book has been published later this year I'll submit it to various editors who might be interested. 
  • Quadrant  poetry editor, Les Murray, has written me a nice letter, accepting my "Scintillae" for an upcoming issue. Thanks, Les!
  • Three of my poems will appear in the National Poetry Registry of Canada, Library of Parliament anthology of Canadian poets. Those poems are "Superbia", "Full Snow Moon", and "The Lost Villages: Inundation Day".  Thanks to Canada's Poet Laureate, George Elliott Clarke!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

North of Oxford

HERE is the link to my double sonnet, "Into the Lives of Other Folk". 

The poem was inspired by something Robert Frost said in an interview many years ago, i.e., that he wrote one of his "best poems" while on a stopover in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. He said he wrote it in a hotel room while standing on his head!  The title of that poem is "On the Heart's Beginning to Cloud the Mind."

Thank you to Diane Sahms-Guarnieri, Poetry Editor at North of Oxford.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Plain Beauty

Here's a link to my curtal sonnet, Plain Beauty.

The poem is on page 3.

Many thanks to Editors of The Rotary Dial, Alexandra and Pino.